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yeah.. i just need to vent to no one.

So i haven't written in here in super super long. but i have some issues.. i meann obviously it's about the boy. i've told him that it bother's me when he flirts with people on facebook. and so he asks for a girls number instead. i have no idea who this person is.. never heard of her actually. but if i did the same thing he would flip out... and he'd be just as made at me. i haven't talked to any.. and i mean ANY of my guy friends because of him. i don't have guy friends because at him. but yet he doesn't see anything wrong with flirting with his co-workers, or touching other girls, and apparently asking girls for their numbers. whatever ya know, like if he wants to be free i'd wish he'd just tell me so i can stop being this girlfriend always having to check his shit. i trust him and i know he won't do anything, but these little things keep coming up on facebook. it just hurts i guess. like i can't just tell my guy friends i'd go out with them because he'd get mad and will think things of me. i just wish he could see things that he does in my eyes as his girlfriend.

i don't know.
now that he has this blackberry there is more things he could hide from me now. always on facebook talking to people and who knows what he's doing ya know. i think it's just unfair. i can't talk to any guys yes he can talk to girls. UGH this sucks. and if i try to talk about it he'll just get mad. he doesn't like talking about our relationship. ugh....
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