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friends? i think not.

i didn't know how quickly you could lose all your friends
i know that after high school you lose touch with people,
but still a couple of them at least stay around right???
but no. so quickly i lose everyone. and i mean eVERYONE!!

all the kids from hazel park have totally stopped talking to me.
i don't think i did anything wrong
but it's mostly because of the fact that me and cezar broke up.
i talked to him about it, and he was trying to keep his distance from me,
so i guess everyone else has to too.
sooo basically all these people that i would hang with instead of gettin to know more troy kids, have completely stopped calling, stopped hanging out, stopped everything.
deep down inside of me, i'm pretty sure alot of the guys liked me and only hung out with me because i was dating cezar, and i was just there that's why they hung out with me.
totally sucks i know, but i can't do anything about it, but TRY to make new friends.. from where i have no idea cuz high school is over, and i have no one to hang with, except for cuzins, but i don't want to be with them everyday and always count on them. i want fricken friends!

and not to mention allie, i totally lost her too over some damn money situation.. which i wish i could pay her back but i can't cuz i haven't tlaked to the hp kids and they need to give me the money to give to her. we've completely stopped talking all together. i do need my tank top and bathing suit back from her. and thats about it. but i know she's happy and she doesn't need me around. which is cool ya know.

and losing these people have just made me get into things that i've been doing non stop. and i'm kinda craving it right now.

but this whole entry is about friends and how i don't have any anymore.
it was really hard for me to get friends, and now they've all just done away.
it sucks cuz there is no more school and i can't try to be friends with more people.

i mean it's the last day of high school, and a friday night, and what am i doing?

life sucks.
i hate it right now
i just want my old friends back
i want true friends.
i dont think i'll ever be able to make friends again

whatever i'm just sick of everything
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