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In love

first of all. My boyfriend, Jeff, he means the world to me. i really am in love with him. and i know it. ::: you know that feeling like in the movies, how you'll know when you've found that one person. and you just will know. ::: well that is my feeling. and he feels exactly the same. and the crazy crazy part is, is that we've only been talking for almost to weeks. he makes me feel like the most important person in the world. i wish i could explain more, but there really isn't any words that can discribe the feeling that we both have for each other. i will marry Jeffrey David Baskin! :-D

the frosty freeze just closed. yesterday. and it's very sad, because everyone is there constantly. they don't even want ice cream anymore, they just come to actually hang out with liv and i. every night it's been a party!!!!! ever since our friends house got raided, which is also a crazy ass story, but everyone. and i mean EVERYONE comes there. unannounced and everything! i loved it! but now we are gonna have to find a new place to hang out. my friends are all amazing. i do miss my high school friends alot though!

but so many things has changed in my life. and i'm loving every second of it. the craziest shit has happened in the last month that's just crazy as fuck! i love the thrills of my life.

kiss kiss
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