Sami (black_starzz) wrote,

quick update

The Holiday's were pretty fun! A shit load of family was here and it was amazing! Christmas party was fun, new years definitly had it's ups and downs. total bummer that night, but i'm over it.
well other than the holiday fun, i'm getting a brother i guess you can say. my cousin jennifer basically is giving up her child, and if we don't take him he goes to a foster care place. but it's totally cool because he loves it here, and can't wait to live with us. his name is Scott and he just turned 14. it'll be cool.
let's see what else, oh yeah the boyfriend, probably the greatest thing that happened to me in 2007, is being with him. i've never been happier with him and honestly no one can be better than him, no one. AMAZING! that's all hehe.
umm.......i didn't get to see any of my friends that came home, which i was sadly disappointed, cuz i couldn't call anyone cuz i don't have most of their numbers anymore. but what can i do but move on and make other friends i guess. i did happen to hang out with josh, probably the only high school friend that still talks to me. it was fun!
i really miss being 18. i don't party, i don't go out, i haven't even been to a club yet. it sucks but whatever. i'm home all the time. i don't have a job, i'm not in school yet. and i don't really know what i'm making my life into. i'm probably gonna be a nothing. that's totally what i don't want to be, but i've figured i'm the laziest person alive. i don't do shit, when i could do soo much. but who knows. i'm really hoping that i get off my lazy ass and get my school shit together. i've lied to a shit ton of people saying that i'm going to school and stuff, which i really was, but i'm having second thoughts...

man i'm just lame.

that's all for now.

hugs and love
<3 Sam
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